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As 2009 is approaching, all of my inspirations about writing seem to focus on about the New Year and plans.

I was thinking about two options that we, as human being, can choose, the other day. What would you choose to do? Upgrade yourself or downgrade yourself? I am sure no one would like to downgrade him/herself, but just because you “want” to upgrade yourself is not enough, take actions!

Why do I go to gym? Because I want to upgrade my physiques and my health.

Why do I often challenge myself at work by taking any tasks to do? Because I want to upgrade my experiences and knowledge of learning different things at work place.

Why do I create and write this blog? Because my primary purpose of this blog is to upgrade myself emotionally by sharing my experiences with the readers, and at the same time learning from those experiences. More information about this blog Click here.

Why do I like to try new things or go to new places although to some people, it’s just another city or state? Well because I want to upgrade my adventures and things that I like to do or places I like to go to. Doing same old stuff is kind of boring to me.

Why did I get a new apartment or car? Obviously, because I want to upgrade my living style since I now got a full time job compared to before that I was just a student. Plus, I want to upgrade my appreciation and gratitude about my work and life in general.

There are quite a few more things in my life that I never cease to improve or upgrade. I feel that life is like stairs, I walk up to my goal, but in life once in a while, I walk down , and that’s okay sometimes I am just tired or sometimes it’s just not meant to be for me.

If you want to upgrade yourself, starting 2009, just do it! No more “imaginary” wants, but instead take actions! I will see you up there! 

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January 1st, 2009 will be here soon, what's on your list to do for 2008? What was your resolution for 2008? What kinds of things that you want to do before 2009 is here? Where did you say you want to go visit in 2008? Etc. 

Do it now. Time is money. Make a good memory of 2008. 

Posted picture is my 2008 wish list. I am pretty satisfied with the result.

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I recently ran into an article about the Law of Attraction. The author said that “The Law of Attraction states that we attract situations, people, and experiences in our lives that reflect who we are and what we focus on.” I then did a google on what exactly the Law of Attraction is about as I never heard of it before.

There are four elements in regards to the Law of Attraction according to the Wikipedia. I started to look and think about those four elements, and even tried to list things out for the first item – Know what you want. It was easy to list what I want, really, but then when it comes to the second item, which is Ask the universe for it. I became a little bit doubtful about my list, whether or not it’s too much or too good to be true. Then when it comes to the third item - Feel and behave as if the object of your desire is on its way, I tended to be very self-doubt and started to question if the list of what I want is realistic. Well with these kinds of struggling, it makes me completely suspicious about the last item - Be open to receiving it.

The point is, this situation makes me realize that sometimes we know what things we want, but they tend to be some sorts of illusions or simply just a fantasy. On the other hand, sometimes we list things out that we know for sure those are what we are looking for, yet we are afraid to go after them, become disbelieving and even self-doubt like me. Sure, the experiences make us see clear what would and would not work, but we have to believe in ourselves. I would like to change the third item to be “Feel and believe as if the object of your desire is on its way.” Without believing, it’s just making us become more and more doubtful about our lists though they are realistic and attainable. We are not picky, we are not greedy, we are just human beings that want the best for ourselves and definitely know what we want somehow. The mind can betray us, but nothing goes wrong with what the heart wants if we believe. Sometimes, we also tend to be flexible, and yes we sure can be that way, but never ever let go our standards because those are what define who we really are, and more importantly, we will be happy when we get the “stuff” that meet those standards. Don’t just settle down for anything or anyone, I believe that you can do better than that. 

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Short Hair's Myth

Lately, the holiday is over but the weekend is not over yet. I hope you all had a great Christmas and are enjoying the lovely weekend. 

I have a bad habit or superstition you may say, hehe... when my hair grows longer, I always feel that something is not right or I am easy distracted. It has been like this for a long time that I have been observing. The question is whether or not this is true? I don't know, but it could be just my personal unique belief *giggling* This is the time that I have let my hair grow longer because I wanted to see if my observation is true or false, and I wanted to change hair style this time; however, I could not do it. 

Hence, I cut my hair today. It is short again and I am loving it. (see pictures for details) hehe... It is snowing outside, and it's a good excuse for me to not go to gym, haha.. in fact, I wanted to go, but it's okay to skip it one day. 

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Ho ho hooo! I am dancing Santa Claus and I have a wish for you. 

As promised, this is the present that I am giving you for visiting my blog, as well as the new look of Live Life to the Fullest to celebrate New Year 2009 with you all. Thanks for coming here!

Now the funny part, watch my dancing Santa video card at 

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Be your own Santa

Christmas ia almost here. Remember to be thankful for the presents that you will get (like or not like), but the most important thing to remember is that besides from those presents, don't forget to treat yourself with something nice or something that you always wanted to have. It's a great way to love yourself. 

Merry Christmas from Live Life to the Fullest!

On the 25th, I will give you a present from this blog. Make sure you check back on that day. 

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I have been not so friendly at work. Due to stress, I become distracted easily and crankyJ. I guess that’s the part that I need to work on. Yay, another self-improvement project, hehe….

Anyway, I am self-reflecting about my actions today. What happened was, I was not as happy as I used to be in the office. People that know me know that I like to smile.

  1. I failed to read people's mind.
  2. I struggled believing in myself.
  3. I lost my patience.
  4. I didn't pratice my problem solving skills efficiently. 
  5. I let anger kill myself.
I feel that I can do better than that, and I am sure everyone else can do the same. Happy self-reflection!

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You are not alone

The winter is here, and the road is slick. I was driving slowly to avoid any danger that can be caused by the slick road. However, I feel bad if there are any cars behind me that those drivers more confident than I do to drive faster on a slick road because I do not want to cause the traffic jam. J But when I was driving and looking around on the other side of the road, in fact, most of the drivers was driving slowly too.

From this instance, it makes me realize that no matter in life we feel down or face any problems, sometimes it helps to think that we are not alone. Sure personally, we never want bad things to happen to us, but you know that this is impossible as human being. When I have computer problems, or even personal problems, I would google on the Internet and most of the time to my surprise, there were many people out there that encountered the same issues that I did.

The world can be too big, but somewhere out there, you will find people that experience the same problems that you do. You should realize that it is not the end of the world because you are not alone. 

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Pretty much these techniques are the ones that I am using to solve my boredom problem :) 
  1. Think of something new to learn
  2. Think of a new place in your area/state/city that you should check out
  3. Re-connect with some friends that you have shut them off lol.... or have not talked to for a while.
  4. Play or compose music, learn how to play the music instrument that you always wanted to play.
  5. Go online, check out new music and download them or simply download the ones that you like.
  6. Work out :)
  7. Go rent a movie at redbox and watch it either with friends or by yourself. The cool thing about watching movie by yourself is that you don't have to worry if the movie you pick out your friends might not like it. (If you want a coupon, just let me know lol).
  8. Clean around your apartment or house.
  9. Take a warm shower, make a nice dinner and watch your favorite shows.
  10. Read my blog .......... lol *ahem* Nothing wrong for a little personal growth :) or read a book if that's what you prefer. 
If you have some more, don't hesitate to share.

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Truth Hurts

Truth hurts! Yes, it does. As for friendship, true friends tell the truth to your face, and it hurts, doesn’t it?

I think that in life, things have to be balanced. I tried to tell myself every time to avoid negative people and try to stay away from negative thoughts of friends that can impact on my mood. As a human being, we don’t like to hear something bad about ourselves, especially when other people tell us right to our face. But which one you want to hear it’s really up to you – truth or lie?

However, if we look at this in a different angle of life. There are actually some friends and people that like to tell you the good things about you and they do mean them. Sometimes, when I am not feeling good, I can always rely on a couple friends that never cease to stay by my side listening to me and more importantly than that, they never cease to remind me how good I am in some aspects of life. They hardly mention any negative things to make me feel worse. I am definitely thankful for that. But there are also friends that would have nothing to say but try to drown you more when you are already drown. That’s the reason behind what friendship is really about that you can always rely on each other for compliments and a few constructive criticisms, but never ever a kind of putting each other on a spot or making one another feels worse.

In brief, I think you already have an idea who is your friend and who is just a “side friend” that you can’t rely on when you need some encouragements. So make a wise selection in life and remember a friend in need is a friend in deed.  

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This picture is taken from my apartment's window, and you can see the net. It was still snowing when I took it. 

Pheng's Blog - Live Life to the Fullest would like to wish you a Merry Holiday and drive safe both in state and out of state. Have fun brushing off the snow :)

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Sometimes when we get asked that why we are still single or unattached? High self-esteem people would answer that they have not met someone that can be their boyfriends/girlfriends. Low self-esteem people, on the other hand, would answer that either how ugly they are or no one wants to date them.

You see the difference here? Just one thing in our self-esteem, it changes everything about how we look at ourselves. Ultimately, this change will take away our happiness within. If you are not happy and don’t love yourself, there’s no way others see the beauty of you. Remember, we are responsible for our lives, and we live not according to other people’s judgments and standards but those of ours. 

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Self Journey

A while ago, I was chatting with a friend online. I asked him to see how his love life was. He said he’s single and liked it. I continued to ask whether or not he got lonely. He said sometimes, but well worth the drama-free.

I can’t say for anyone else, but whatever that friend said has been on my mind for a long time. It’s nice to be in a relationship, but when the drama involves, it does really gives me headache. All the missing, guessing, wondering why no calls, texts, etc. is just horrible. It’s not that I am afraid to be attached, but it has been that I live my life as it goes and I am okay with being single without any more expectations.

Furthermore, tonight a friend signed up a Live Journal’s account, and it made me want to go check my way old journals over there. Reading them makes me realize that how much I have grown and how much I have understood the meaning of loving myself to be able to offer love to others. It has been a long journey for me to finally understand the real me. Through ups and downs, I would not expect anyone to understand this as much as I do. I am sure that you have your own journey and experiences as well.

Why don’t you take a moment and think about your past, what have you done and whether or not you have been making progress in your own journey and life? Remember, “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance” - Oscar Wilde.

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This is it, everybody. Finally, I dare to post the lyric and music chords that were composed by me. I hope you all enjoy it and remember not to turn the volume up so high because I am not a recording pro. I recorded this in my living room, the static and echo might be annoying but I am looking into this to make it better :) In the meantime, sit back and relax. 

Click the player below to play the song "All The Ways." The lyric is below.

In case the player doesn't show up, click on this link

All The Ways - lyric and music by Pheng

All the ways

When you say that you love me

You make me see

The meanings of “we”


All the ways

When I say that I love you

My heart is true

My promise to you


I remember all the ways that we were together

Love is so powerful that everything feels right

Tonight I want you to stay by my side


All the ways

You love me and I love you

Everything I do

Reminds me of you


It’s true that you and I were meant forever

No matter where we are the love will find the way

You’re the one that I hold on to night and day

All the ways………..

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I was watching a movie tonight, and there’s one quote from the movie that I like. “Just because things didn’t work doesn’t make someone a jerk.” In any relationship, it’s always great at the first time. Later on, the partners enjoy time together, but things start to go bad and end up not seeing each other anymore, then it’s either one of them or sometimes both starts to trash talk about one another.

Just because the relationship ends, or the person turns out to be what we didn’t expect doesn’t mean he is a jerk or she is a bitch. Romance is romance, regardless it is short- or long-term. What makes it special is that you both enjoyed time together and it was good. You cannot really deny the memories that you both shared.

There are many factors in a relationship that causes break-ups and divorces, but just because it’s over doesn’t make your ex a victim of your drama. One of my favorite quotes is “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” If you only focus on the end justifies the means, you will find yourself get caught in resentment and hate. I can tell you now it’s a childish way to do while talking about the relationship. Learn how to forgive and mean it when you call someone an “ex.” It’s over and it belongs to the past, there’s no need to nag and trash talk about him/her. You have your own life and so does he/she. 

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You said that “Of course it’s easy for you to say because it did not happen to you.” OR “It’s easy for you to say because you are not me.” Most of the time, I feel the same way. I read some inspiring blogs and articles, I wonder the same thing what if the author were in my shoes, and would they still be able to write something like that?

You read an article about an author talking about being single is fun and cool but they themselves already found their partners. Another author said that it doesn’t matter what you look like even though you are over-weight but they themselves are fit and good looking. You also came across my blog and I said bless your job when I am having a better job than you do, etc.

We cannot feel other people’s pain. We cannot understand what others have been through.  It always is easier said than done, and I agree with that. But have you ever stepped back and thought about why did they write or say that in the first place? What kind of attitude that prompted them to do that? And what are their goals when trying to reach you as an audience? They want to help. They want to inspire you to feel better about yourself, to help you explore your true vision in life, and they ultimately hope that someday you will have and enjoy things that they have but you don’t. But for the sake of the moment, they would like you to focus on growing yourself as an individual, and to have a positive attitude when in the future you do have those things that you want.  Without positive attitude when you have those things, you will still don’t enjoy them and eventually lose them again.

They are just human like us. They go through the same emotional crisis that we go through. Nobody is perfect, remember that. 

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My Black Friday

I can’t believe that Thanksgiving holiday is already gone. I went shopping on the Black Friday, and it was really busy at the mall, as well as the traffic considering it is Boise. But December is here pretty soon, and it just reminds me of one goal that I had for myself before 2009 is here. The goal is about saving money before 2009. Hehe… you know where I am going to now. Yes, I have spent too much money lately, haha… first, it was my new apartment’s decoration, and now it is about upgrading myself, hehe… I have never done anything good for myself this much before. To that, the one thing that I want to be thankful for is first my degree that allows me to get a job, and then obviously it’s my job that provides me the funds to be able to afford these good things that I can treat myself well.

Although there’s one more month left, and I don’t think I am going to meet that goal because Christmas is coming here and I am going to be my own Santa, haha… that means I am going to spend money again, I still don’t get disappointed about not meeting the goal. Instead, I feel that the more I spend, the more I am thankful for my decent paying job, and nothing goes wrong with one’s gratitude attitude. So look around yourself, what one thing you are thankful for? When you find it out, you will know what kind of gratitude feeling that I am talking about. It is a great way of self-appreciation and surrounding-embrace.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Day. In case you wonder what I bought:

  • Two Hoodies on American Eagles website (Buy 1 get second one 50% off for all Tops, and additional 25% off entire order plus free shipping)
  • Two pairs of Nike shoes from Famous Footwear (Buy 1 get second one 50% off)
  • Two Hoodies at American Eagles store (Buy 1 get second one 50% off for all Tops, and additional 25% off entire order for Early Birds - Yes, I went there at around 10 a.m)
  • Two T-shirts and one fleece pant at Old Navy (on sale)
  • One T-shirt at American Eagles store (Split the cost with a friend - Buy 1 get second one 50% off for all Tops, and additional 15% off entire order on Saturday)
  • Two graphic T-shirts at Anchor Blue (on sale, 5 bucks each)
  • 6 pairs of Puma socks at Ross store today :)

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Sometimes, I like to complain about my physique. I realize that it’s never good enough for me. I hit gym and try to eat healthy food, yet I feel that it’s still not ideal. Someone used to say that perfectionism is awful. It’s always a good idea to leave room for improvements. On Thanksgiving Day, I did say that I am thankful for my physique. So although words from my mouth specify that I am not satisfied with my body, I am actually already thankful for it. All the persistence, commitment, and effort that I put into gym, it’s well worth it. The gist of it is that it’s not an ideal image that I want yet, but I never cease to improve it, especially the belly part. *giggling*

In life, how many times you look in the mirror and you said to yourself, hey, I am not that bad after all? How many times have you ever thought of making love to yourself? But in front of others, you are either too negative or too humble to always think that you don’t look good enough. From a self-conscious stand point, we are exaggerating things. In brief, we are too hard on ourselves. I am sure that although we tell people that we don’t like our looks, but deep inside of us we know that we actually do and just have a hard time to be a cocky person ;) Lastly, I want to say that it’s the only look that you have and at the end of every day, you are the only one that you have, so start loving yourself from the inside out. 

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I am thankful for:
  1. My job
  2. My physique
  3. All the stuff that I own
  4. My accomplishments thus far
  5. Friends who don't judge me or make me feel bad about myself
  6. Boise, Idaho that has not had any natural disaster since I have lived here
  7. Family back home who I know that they will be always on my side
  8. Opportunities to travel so far
  9. My intellectual self-consciousness that allows me to learn and grow
  10. I am still alive!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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I am a thinker

With the economy crisis going on these days, I have been a little bit down by worrying what’s going to happen to my job. I admit that I have been blogging less and less, and that’s because I don’t want to post any negativities on this blog to any readers out there. I am a type of person that prefers to hide what I am going through. Sometimes, it causes misunderstanding between me and friends, but I realize that I have to live with that. I don’t feel like going out with anyone, but spend time alone wherever I am in the mood for.

It makes me realize that life is not perfect all the time. There are always ups and downs. To live a life to the fullest seems to be easier said than done. But I am a thinker. I think a lot and sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the flow of my thoughts. I always believe that time can heal and provides answers to doubts. I will be having day-off from work from Thursday until Monday due to the Thanksgiving holiday, and I am going to consume those days to think about stuff, yeah stuff, then go from there.

The point is, we are human beings. We have good and bad moments. It is an emotional state that everyone has to go through in life. But once in awhile, if we can take a break and give our concerns some thoughts, then we would not be too nervous about running this life or feel lost out of control. Give it a try, and remember to be thankful for your functional brain that allows you to think. 

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Have you ever experienced that a friend or someone said something to you, and that comment is stuck in your mind the rest of the day, month, year, or even forever? It happened to me tonight and that’s why it prompted me to blog about it.

It’s always nice to count on someone to be honest with you. But no matter the comment was done intentionally or unintentionally, it usually does affect the listener. Before we say something, I think we should consider about the listener or the audience first like what type of a listener we are dealing with. Otherwise, being blunt will just result in hurting the other person’s feeling. I say this many times on my blog that never ever try to read other people’s mind. You are not them and you will never be them. You can think about them but you are not entitled to make any comments on what they are doing, what they like, or how they spend their time.

We all like honest people, especially friends. But for the sake of friendship, we should consider our friends’ feeling before we throw out any comments that we have, or the honesty becomes a hidden weapon unintentionally stabs our friends. Sometimes, people do not want to talk about their problems in order to get their mind off the problems, but then there you are trying to bring them up again. It seems nothing to you because it’s just a comment out of the blue non-personally, but it’s making them feel bad already. I guess we just all need to know how to communicate whenever it’s needed to by not just saying anything on your mind without being considerate the other person’s feeling. 

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How much do you like music? I think music is a healing medicine to one’s soul. It can impact one one’s mood. If you are sad, and listen to dance songs, the sadness is kind of going away, and if you listen to sad songs, you will become sadder. My favorite genre is pop and slow. Most songs that I like are Chinese. Every time, it relaxes my nerve and makes me miles away from the problems but into my dreams and fantasies. Sometimes, the reality is too painful to be faced, and it’s good to escape from it once in awhile.

Moreover, looking for songs is also a task that can keep one’s mind occupied. I like to search for new songs once in awhile, and that helps easing the stress and boredom. I also like to listen to those songs and the lyrics. The lyric sometime gives me a realization about life in general, and sometimes it’s just a good quote to look at life in general. 

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Have you ever heard of unconditional love?

Lately, I have been addicted to a show on YouTube. It’s a romantic comedy show from German. But what attracts me the most is the love that they show to me. It amazes me that how can a person love someone like that? Unconditionally, patiently, and supportively. The show sometime gets traumatic. It’s like a soap opera, but not exactly. It’s just a European type of show. But it shows me of how a relationship works – the crush, the jealousy, the falling in love, the fight, the make up, etc.

After all of this, I realize that no matter what types of people that I have been with in the past, the experiences teach me to grow more mature to not make the same mistakes, and more importantly, I have never stayed away from love and being loved. Loving heart is a good thing to have. Keep up the good work.

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Stress is Evil

Lately, it has been stressful at work. Then when I look at myself in the mirror, I don’t like the fat. Well, here is an explanation. Stress makes one gain weight. I just find out today and want to share with you. No wonder why although I have been going to gym lately, I am still not satisfied with the result.

Therefore, if you were in the same situation as me that is trapped in stress at work, or wherever in your life, try to manage it in a less stressful way and eat better. Stress is evil, I tell you. Good luck.

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Musical Inspiration

The person who lives above me might have heard my keyboard piano playing because I have been playing my keyboard constantly, and especially, recently I just started to hear a guitar playing or practicing upstairs. I think I have inspired my neighbor to pick up back what he might have always wanted to learn and play.

I am no different. I have always wanted to learn piano and guitar, but most of the time I end up practicing piano more than I do with guitar. It is because I have become more familiar with piano than I have with guitar. But my musical learning journey has been on and off, but what keeps me going back to it is that once in awhile I “youtube” piano music and it is just so incredibly to see many talent people out there and that always inspire me. More importantly than that, they would not be able to inspire me to go back and practice my piano if I have never wanted to learn piano.

Therefore, observe people and things around you. Who or what inspires you today? Who or what prompts you to start doing things that you have always wanted to do? 

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I remember the time that I was back home and wanted to come to the US really bad. I also remember the time that I was so envious with one of my Chinese friends who studied on a scholarship, got an Internship at a local company, and got his working visa afterwards. In addition, I also remember the time that I wanted to have a better running car, a nicer apartment, and a faster laptop.

All in all, those dreams have become true for me. However, I never cease to dream more and bigger. Life is like a stage, you finish with one stage then you go for another one. Although I have attained those dreams, I failed to be thankful for those opportunities from time to time. I guess it is just human nature that we always “move forward.” Things that we wanted so bad in the past, we have them, then we move on to want another thing. Ideally, this actually is an acceptable behavior because we move as the time goes, and never quit dreaming is the best way to live a life. Have you ever heard of an old saying: If you dream, dream bigger? But in order to attain the dreams, they have to be realistic, specific, and attainable, and of course, it is either your luck or you hard work that is put into getting them attained.

But one thing we have to realize is that, while we are dreaming bigger, we are not forgetting the past dreams that we have achieved. Take a moment and think about how frustrated and yearning you were to get those past dreams. During that process, it involves worries, jealousy, needy, possessive, happy and unhappy, all sorts of subtle and mixed feelings. They are all part of our life, and the most important thing is to show our gratitude toward those achievements and how lucky we are. There are millions and millions of people out there that are longing for those same things that we are having, and I am positively sure that some might be optimistic about getting them, some might be in the same boat as we were emotionally, and some might be just even worse than how we were.

All I can say to my fortunate is “I am thankful for what I have accomplished thus far.”

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One thing I have learned is that, in life there will always be someone and something that will try to let you down. They can create resentment and anger, as well as distress inside you. The moment that you have those feelings, you become upset, annoyed, and even depressed. But in the mean time, I have also learned one thing in this life that when you are too sensitive and take offense too easy, the most ultimate person that you are going to hurt is yourself. Whatever that someone or something does to you, there’s nothing you can do about it. I will tell you what you can do about it later, but firstly, you are always responsible for your own actions, mistakes and learn from them.

Now, what you can do about it is very simple, learn, my friend. If a person is annoying you, try to limit your interactions with him or her next time. If a person hurts you, forgive him but at the same time don’t make the same mistake by letting him or her hurt you again. If a person’s personality is not what you expect, quit expecting because you cannot change someone, but rather next time cautiously to find someone that is more compatible. If something bothers your mind, acknowledge it and think what you can do about it by implementing your problem solving skill or past experiences. There are many things that another person does that you really should not take them too personal. The more you find it offensive, the worse you become resentful.

Get yourself out of that abyss! By all means, look at each person as individual. Everyone is trying their best to live their life and they live according to the way they see things to the best of their own knowledge or even how they were raised. Things do happen and most of the time, they happen for a reason. Take control of your emotion, and try not to take things too person when in fact they are not really that personal. Being too sensitive will get you no where. 

P.S: I apologize if the posted image causes any rudeness about the N word. 

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Got Milk?

Nowadays I start drinking a glass of milk before bed. By just looking at the white color of the milk, and drinking it, I feel very good inside out. Firstly, it reminds me that I am healthy. Secondly, I can afford to buy milk to put in my fridge. Finally, I am able to just enjoy the taste of it knowing that it will provide me with vitamins that my body needs. Having these said, I am truly thankful for what I got to enjoy at this moment.

Small things in our life, it might appear too tiny that we do not know its value or give its credit. It’s like the air that we breathe everyday, the water that we drink everyday, etc. but we most of the time fail to be thankful for those small things, for we think that they are “always” there for us, and thus, we take them for granted.

This is just a thought for you to think and hopefully you will show more gratitude towards what you have, what you can afford, and what has been provided to you for free. 

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When I tell people that I am going to stay in and not going out, they start to tell me that “Oh, you are going to be single.” I can’t agree more than that. It’s true. If I just sit on my butt at home, I will be alone for a long long time. Sure, if I don’t go out and meet people, I will be single for a long long time. On the other hand, I have also thought that why would that even matter? If I don’t want to go out or do something, then it’s all about my choice, and let it be.

Having someone is nice, but at the same time, it’s not my ultimate goal to socialize or meet new people just to “find” that one. If I want to socialize, then it is because that’s what I want to do. If I want to just stay home and enjoy the serenity time, then it’s because that’s what I want to do as well. I am sure that I am taking advantage of being still young, and trust me, I have thought about the fact that time will never stay the same, and youth eventually will fade. However, I have learned that pushing yourself to do something that you don’t want to do, or even tired of doing them, things never work out as expected. This will just create more resentment and disappointment for the future. Too much pressure and too much expectation, when those are not even necessary in the first place.

I am not giving up, but I need to focus on more priorities in my life. Life has more to offer than just a relationship. If this makes more sense, life is a cake, but relationship is just an icing on the cake. If the cake goes bad, then what are you left with?

Are you still in debt? Is there a past relationship that you are still not over yet? Are there any goals or dreams that you have not attained? Are you satisfied with the way you look? Are you happy now? Are you still finding yourself? Do you think you are ready for a relationship? Are you still looking for a job? So on and so forth. There are sure things going on in your life that need your attention more than focusing on “not” being single. The best thing ever in your life is to live your life to the fullest as best as you can and be yourself the way you want to be. Be happy and believe that love does exist. 

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It was my "clean" day yesterday, hehe... I shaved everywhere, haha.... wait... except for my legs and my tummy (slightly hair there, but I think it's sexy and I can live with it, lol). The rest is as smooth as tofu, haha... 

It's just another Pheng's day, and do whatever he wants to do to his physical part. I am so proud of that! You should feel too when you do something that you want to do for any reasons, "because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

Happy Monday!

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I have never had this feeling before inside of me. It’s the greatest moment ever that I enjoy very much how my Saturday went. It was all me alone, yet a true and enjoyable alone. I asked myself, now what can I do to enjoy my evening home alone. I turned on the TV watched the show that I used to watch before, and it’s always nice to catch up with shows that you were tired of before. I also made white grapes smoothie, took a nice shower, cleaned up the kitchen little bit, and then learned how to play chords on the piano. I have been trying to pick up learning piano again. As you know, leaning piano is one of my resolutions for this year 2008, and I am glad I am making progress on it.

Right inside of me, I feel that I have truly and surely understood myself better. This self-discovery journey seems to make more sense to me than before. No news is good news, and it is internal peace that makes a day delightful and hopeful. With dreams and goals, it makes life easier to focus on what is more important than what.

For young people out there, it’s just my word of advice from personal experience. You may think you are mature enough, but in fact, you are still not. Maturity does come with age, and I think instead of trying to be mature or already thinking you are mature, try to shift the focus to the self-discovery journey. Maturity is nonsense, what defines you is what you have to go with. When you realize that you are lost, in fact, it is when you are finding yourself, and eventually, you will be found. One of my favorite quotes is “Maybe getting lost is the best way to find yourself.” – Unknown. 

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Part of the Q&A today is:

What are ten things you like about your job?
  1. Colleagues are appreciative when someone has done something for them
  2. The upper level folks never cease to compliment the team and employees work
  3. No dress code 
  4. My team is just so amazing - we are very compatible
  5. The company is not big
  6. I feel good every time when my problem solving skills work like a charm :)
  7. Ability to learn new things by not just focusing on one particular thing
  8. Laid back manager and understanding CEO
  9. The company sponsored my workingn visa
  10. Decent and satisfying pay
Sometimes, when we take a moment to think about what are the things that we like about our job or anything else, we will only focus on the positive areas. Having said, when we say that we hate this and that, our mind will focus on the negative areas, which is not healthy. So take a moment and think about what are the ten things you like about your job. 

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Your Possessions

Hi, just want to let you all know that it’s my blog. I can write whatever I want, and design it with whatever look I want it to be like. It’s my car, I can drive wherever I want to go or do something with it whichever way I want to. It’s my vacation, I have all the rights to decide wherever I want to go or simply just stay home…………

Start now by taking actions on your possessions. They are reserved all the rights just for you, and you are entitled to enjoy them and not take them for granted or waste them. Look around what you have and start “owning” them (not friends or family though, lol). This is a great way to acknowledge yourself of what you can do for yourself.  

Happy Tuesday!

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Yesterday night, I drove by a local clinic in Boise called Primary Health. It reminds me of my first time going to the clinic that is outside of campus. That time I was going to Boise State University and paid the university’s health insurance. However, one day I was so sick. I had a major sore throat that I felt I was almost going to die. So since the university’s health office did not work on the weekend, I called a local hospital in Boise and described about my illness. The nurse asked me a few questions and told me to go to the Primary Health since it was the only clinic that opened on the weekend, and especially they accepted Boise State’s health insurance. So I went there. I got myself checked with the doctor, so on and so forth, then paid everything with my Boise State’s health insurance card. The following week, I found out that BSU’s health insurance had the so-called deductable policy. I was like what the heck was that. I did not have a clue about that policy whatsoever because I never got really sick and went to the clinic outside of the school. But anyway, I was just so shocked to find out that I had to pay those amounts of money to the clinic out of my own pocket.

You see, during that time I was so regretful that I went to the clinic and should have gone to the school first. But again, the school did not open and I felt like crap due to the sore throat. Yet, I still felt regretful because generally speaking, I paid for the school’s insurance, and I had to pay the money to the clinic out of my pocket and not with my insurance due to the deductable policy. However, I later looked at it as a good experience about health insurance in America. I took that as an experience to learn from and to grow culturally about the American way of health insurance’s policy. Coming all the way from Cambodia to the US, there were things that I did not quite understand about the whole American way of doing things, and even now still, but I am always open minded and look at those as a learning process to adjust myself with American culture. So in the end, spending money for something that I was not aware of was not that bad, and what I gained from it was the knowledge of health insurance in America, which prepared me for the future when I signed up for any health insurance companies or even through work’s health insurance, and not to mention, now when people say deductable word, I know what that means.

My point is, sometimes if you misspend money on something that you regret afterwards or should not have spent in the first place, do not regret or discouraged. Look at it as a life experience and a valuable mistake that you can learn from to prevent reoccurring in the future. I think if you can spend money on a valuable lesson, it would worth better than spending money with willing. 

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Paying Bills

The gas price is dropping these days, which is good but I still need gas for my car, and the November month is here, which means rent fee is due as well for me. In spending I see the enjoyment of my capability to work. Compared to other people that do not have, I am well blessed. I told a friend tonight not to hate his bills, but rather bless them. I think that when we pay bills, we should send out the checks in the envelop with a love stamp to show our appreciations about the services that the providers provide and we know that we need/want those services. More importantly than that, we are luckier than half of the rest of the world already.

I feel bad for people out there that cannot afford paying their bills, but for those who can afford and still complain about paying their bills, I feel sorry for them because money has already blinded them from the reality, and that's sad! 

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Yesterday, I watched Senator Obama's campaign a little bit, and he said like this: "You don't need to boo, you just need to vote."

Yup, make some noise, Americans! It's time for a change. Go out there and vote when you have the right to do so. Go, Obama! haha... too bad, I cannot vote ;) So I guess, I can only "boo" at McCain. However, you vote for whoever you think you like the most. This simply is just my personal preference. 

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  • Don't think about what are their types or whether or not they are someone's type
  • Don't ask why they are still single 
  • Don't get jealous or envious while they are embracing what they have
  • Don't beat themselves up when they make mistakes
  • Don't sit around and wait for the opportunity to knock on their door
  • Don't give up and give in easily
  • Don't live up to anyone's standard or judgement
  • Don't lose hope
  • Don't forget to laugh and smile
  • Don't think negative things
  • Don't get up in the morning and think "Just another day!"
.... But rather, they focus on how to live their life to the fullest and without many regrets.

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Books I Recommend

Ah... everyone, the Books I Recommend section finally is added to my blog. If you scroll down, it is placed to the right. Check them out. Reading is a great way to learn, enjoy! I will add more ... One of these days I should go to browse book shops and the Boise library again. 

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Living A Life

I lately notice that since I have been comfortable about myself, it does not really matter a lot to live up to someone’s expectation or even judgment. The moment I see myself as an individual person trying his best to live his own life to the fullest as he can is a great moment of self-acknowledgement. Being alone is not as scary as before, and the feeling to be loved is not as desperate as before.

What is the first thing you think when you are alone? What is the first thing you see yourself when you look in the mirror? What is the first thing you ponder when it comes to living your life? When you are comfortable with yourself, and when you think that you are the creator of your own happiness, that is when you really do not need the other person to make you feel better about yourself or happy. More important than that is you are not afraid to be alone and end up single forever. We, as human, are afraid to grow older alone and have no partner, but the question is did we live a life to the fullest when we were young? I think that’s a serious matter that is more important than being afraid of growing old and single. So start living your life, for now is how we shape our future. 

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Tonight's Q&A section:

Looking back at my life, what are three problems from my past that have paved the way for positive growth and how did this occur?
  1. It would be my low self-esteem - it was my major problem in life that made me frustrated all the time. For the most part, I often think that I am never good enough for anyone, but I finally learn how to live my life and improve myself in every aspects of life to higher my self-confidence and self-esteem.
  2. Being not comfortable with myself - this was such a pain experience in my life. I looked up to other people but failed to realize that at the end of the day, all I have with me is me. I start to see that my self-image has been better and I am very comfortable with myself.
  3. Taking things and people for granted. I think we all do that in life to some point. Subconsciously, I self-reflect all the time. Therefore, nowadays I learn to enjoy things and people around me, and no more taking them for granted.
Problems in life suck, but without them, how are we going to grow? So what were your problems?

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I re-decorated my place again. Actually, I added more stuff to my lovely apartment. From doing this, I feel that we are just like an apartment. In order to enjoy more about the apartment, we ought to keep improving its look and comfort, and that's the same as ourselves. Never cease to improve yourself. 

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Weekend for me usually is an "award" day. I most of the time work out during the week and sometime on the weekend, but sometimes I also like to treat myself by spoiling myself with greesy food or American junk food. The nice thing about the weekend is that I can sleep in. The photos say it all. This reminds me of a quote "Party like a rockstar and sleep like a baby."

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

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The Post-Workshop

Yesterday, Boise State University (BSU) has an Immigration Attorney’s workshop from 3 to 5pm. So I had to drive to work around 6:30am so that I could leave early for that workshop. I attended and it was my first time that I pushed myself to raise questions that I had in mind. I was struggling a little bit whether or not to ask my questions fearing that my questions would be so stupid or I was just having public speaking anxiety. However, I went ahead and did it anyway, and it felt good. Sure, it was not very easy and I was nervous a little bit somehow, but the more I am going to do this in the future, the better it’s going to be.

This reminds me that if we have a positive attitude towards something that we did, we will not beat ourselves up. In the above scenario, if I would come back home and think that “Oh my god, what was I thinking. There were people in the room, and I asked those types of dumb questions. Listen to my voice, I was such a nervous wreck,” I would be just trapping myself in low self-confidence and destroy my own self-worth as an individual to exercise my right of speech. Instead, I admit it was a little bit hard, but I am sure that the more I do this, the better I will feel about it in the future. Practice makes perfect.

Election date is getting close here in the US. Let your voice be heard and make a correct choice. 

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Why you are single?

Have you ever been wondering why you are single? Isn’t it too much that friends ask you that why you are still unattached, and that you have to second on asking yourself the same question? Sure the way you response to others might be different to the way you response to yourself. But our mind is like a search engine, when we ask it, it will try to search for answers for us. Most of the time, self-talk about being single is usually not a good thing, and why do I say that? Because subconsciously, you already think that being single sucks, being single is lonely, being single has to do with some personal issues, so on and so forth, and therefore, when you ask the mind to search for answers based on these negative assumptions, all you got are negative answers about yourself, and that destructs your self-image.

From times to times, it doesn’t matter that much of why you are still single. You know yourself well enough to know why, and the reason why I said it doesn’t matter that much because being single is a simple thing. Do not over complicate it. It’s not hard or deep to understand, and you really don’t need a “because” to understand being single. I would say that live your life to the fullest as you can, quit asking the mind about why you are single, but instead, put all your energy to live your life and ask the mind about how you can live your life the way you want it to be, and eventually, things will work out on their own. When you live your life 100%, you will realize that being single really doesn’t bother you much because you are too busy and have too much fun living your exciting life. That’s being said, your happiness is built within yourself whether or not you are single or couple. 

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It's hard for me

I asked a friend on the Internet that the city where he lives in is big, and why he’s still single? He said it’s hard for him.

“It’s hard for me.” I hear it clear and loud via the chat messenger. I always believe in individuality and hate to generalize people. I completely understood what he was saying. Sometimes in life, things work for you but not for others. The way you approach people is different than that of others. I don’t judge people when they say it’s hard for them. Indeed, it is because that’s how they are no matter whatever reasons that make them be. They have their own way of doing things and approach people. By trying to give the lesson just seems so stupid acting like you know it all, and even know him very well. You are not him, you cannot really relate to what he has been through and what he’s doing in his own life.

So next time when a friend says that to you, don’t try to mock him/her by making mocking sound or by trying to be him. You can show your caring by just listening and understanding him/her as an individual. What areas that he or she think it’s hard, he or she already realizes that but just not willing to or afraid to make a change – inner change so to speak. You are responsible only for your own action and change, and don’t even try to compare yourself with your friend because that never works. You two are completely different people and therefore have different perspectives and opinions. 

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Texas Trip

So I went to Dallas, Texas to visit a friend and to get out of my good old Boise, Idaho. The trip was fabulous and I enjoyed it very much. Special thanks to my friend – Lan, who was enthusiastic, self-less, and energetic for being my guide and taking me around in his nice silver Hyundai. J

I feel that I have seen  enough attractions in Dallas and the days that I spend there were productive. We went to see Dallas city both at night and during day time. We went to see The Sixth Floor museum where the president J.F.K got assassinated. Also went to browse the outlet mall as well as the Galleria mall. Went to see the Nasher Sculpture Center and the Crow Collection of Asian Art. As far as restaurants go, we went to eat Tex-Mex, Korean, Turkish and Dim Sum restaurant around the small China town area.

We also visited Fort Worth, Texas. It was very different from Dallas. Dallas itself is a city, whereas Fort Worth is where you can see the real Texas – people with cowboy hat, boots, etc. We went to the famous cowboy bar there called Billy Bob’s (I call it Billy Boob’s, haha…) and watched the Rodeo, which was cool because it was my first time seeing this kind of game in person. We also had the best steak at the Riscky’s Steakhouse in the area. Fort Worth’s downtown is nice also. We drove around there and it was so beautiful at night.

Overall, I think the trip was fun. Some Texans do drive crazy though, hehe.. But I am able to cross out another state from my “states list,” and you know what that means! It means that my refrigerator now has another two cities magnet on it – Dallas and Fort Worth – Yay!

Attached here are just some photos that I took on the trip, to view more, click on the Nomad Dude link on the top to see my trip’s photo collection site.

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