Recently, I have tried to live my life by getting my mind off a few things. I realize how hard it is to get rid of stuff from my mind, and look for suggestions from peeps so that I can really get my mind off those things. 

One thing I have learned is that, in order to get our mind off stuff, we need to start doing other stuff - meaning that when live our life to the fullest as we can, and shift our focus on our interests and hobbies, from time to time, we will successfully get our mind off things that we do not want to think about. 

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Living in the dream

Although the winner of the American Idol this season wasn’t what I expected, but the Finale last night was like 2 hours long and the performance was just incredible. Seeing the crowds cheered, the singers sang, the instrument players played the instruments, and the dancer danced, it makes me realize that how many times we get to live our life and do what we want to do? With this thought in mind, I told myself that “This is exactly what living in the dream” is all about. Adam Lambert and Kris Allen along with other contestants, regardless of winning or losing, they are living in their dreams now. I cannot speak for them, but at least I know that at that moment, that’s what they want to become.

So, are you living in your dream? Or in your world, it’s only just a fantasy? What do you want to do? 

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To Whom It May Concern:
Thank you for your letter of [date of the rejection letter]. After
careful consideration, I regret to inform you that I am unable to
accept your refusal to offer me employment at this time. This year I
have been particularly fortunate in receiving an unusually large
number of rejection letters. With such a varied and promising field of
candidates, it is impossible for me to accept all refusals. Despite
[Name of the Company]'s outstanding qualifications and previous
experience in rejecting applicants, I find that your rejection does
not meet with my needs at this time. Therefore, I will initiate
employment with your firm immediately. I look forward to working with
you. Best of luck in rejecting future candidates.
[Your Name]

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The Heart

Last night, I learned a good phrase from a movie. I am going to paraphrase it – It takes 20% of your talent and 80% of your heart to be a boxer.

It is so true that when we put our heart into doing something, it is the most effective motivation. You sure can have the talent for something, but if you don’t like doing it, it is not going to go anywhere further. For instance, you have a talent of learning and playing piano, but if you don’t like playing piano, you are not going to become a talented pianist. That’s being said, having the talent is a great thing, but without your heart, it doesn’t fulfill the dream.

Your heart is the place that lets you and everyone know when it does speak up. I call it a central of passions. Your interests, dreams, ambitions, hobbies, favorites, and love, etc. are stored in that location. Therefore, follow what your heart wants and not what your head wants. You could be born with talents, but in order to implement them, you need a passion at heart. 

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Today, I have learned a new English word that will be ingrained in my mind from now on. The word is mulligan. According to the online definition, “A mulligan, in a game, happens when a player gets a second chance to perform a certain move or action.

Isn’t it a great word when we apply this to our practical life? Sometimes, we give up on people too quick – our friends, family, and lovers. To me, everyone deserves a second chance, you agree? If you do, then look around your life and people around you – who you were so mad at at that time that you shut them off, don’t talk to anymore, no forgiveness whatsoever. Give them a mulligan!

In the meantime, don’t also forget to give yourself a mulligan. 

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Coming back!

I just realize that I have not been very dedicated to my blog lately. Sometimes, I was inspired to write, but could not get myself to sit down in front of my laptop and let my words flow in the word document.

To be honest, things do get old sometime. However, have you ever noticed that when you like doing something, the more you do, the tired of it you become? Things appear to be fun at first for a few days, a few months, and even a year or so, but then you either quit doing them or become less committed to doing them.

Writing to me requires inspirations, but sometimes although I have the inspirations, I have mind blocks that I don’t know where to begin the sentence. But no matter what, what we truly like to do is what we like to do. Sooner or later, we will come back and do it again. Sometimes, I got tired of the songs that I listen to again and again, but after a few months, when I start to listen to those songs again, they really sound good like they do in the first place.

Human’s hearts are pure. It’s the environment that contaminates them. However, what we are is what we are. Although you have given up on yourself right now, but sooner or later, you will come back to the real you again with your pure heart and innocent love, just give it some time.  

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