Back in December, I used to write a post “Just because things didn’t work doesn’t make someone a jerk.” I used to hear a few people said that “Dump them before they dump you first.” Honestly speaking, I really find that irritating. It is a very immature way to handle a relationship regardless it is working or not working.

If a relationship is not working, the involved partners most of the time might already feel that they are not compatible. Then, it depends on who is going to dump who first, but sometimes it goes without saying and the relationship just fades away itself. But who is the “dumper” does not really matter. It might make them sound that they are still in the control even it’s over, but it’s actually nothing but a chicken shit that is afraid to say that “He/She broke up with me.” If you are a genuine dumper, then I would not mind. I have done that myself because I felt that it’s not going to work, and there were always genuine reasons to that, not because I was afraid of being dumped first. I also don’t go around and use those ex-dates as victims of my drama.

I can be a good friend and listener, but from times to times I am really tired of stories that they only tell me about what the other person’s problems are but not their own self-reflections. Relationship involves two people. One hand cannot really make a clap. Just because things didn’t work doesn’t make someone a jerk.

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Broken Stuff

Today at the gym, my headphone fell off when I was trying to put more weights for the equipment that I worked out with. Every time, when I am trying to fix something, I am always afraid that I will break it or make it worse. One of my American Friend Family used to tell me that “It’s already broken, don’t be afraid.” You know, that is so true. I contemplated on this, and I was thinking to myself that I should try my best to fix the “broken” things and have less fear about it. And Walla, I fixed the headphone.

Are you pretty much like me? Sort of in a way that do not like to do thing aggressively? I saw that some people fixed stuff bluntly, but turned out it got worse. I would say take your time and try to explore the cause or the root of the issue before jumping in trying to fix it. Without patience and thoroughness by fixing stuff blindly, 10% you are going to fix it by luck, but 90% you are going to make it worse. Hey, at least it is a thing not a person, hehe… it does not talk back at you. But for the sake of individualism, don’t try to fix another person though. 

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Maybe Next Time

You know I learned from yesterday at the gym that, sometimes, I like to tell myself that “Okay, today I can work out this little and maybe tomorrow I can work out more to make it up for today.” But then I started to pause a little bit and really thought to myself that this is how procrastinating works. It makes you feel that there are always “tomorrow’s” and their times seem to be plenty, but in fact, it’s nothing but an excuse to make yourself not feel guilty and a self-lie. I brushed off that “tomorrow” thought and totally worked out as much as I could.

You know one thing I have learned in America is that, most Americans like to say “next time.” One time I was at a party, the host was asking a gentleman to sing, but the gentleman said now? And the host said, maybe next time. The gentleman felt released because we all knew that there would be no next time. Just about anything that someone asks you to do something, then either you or him/her said next time, most cases are that, that “next time” hardly comes.  

Therefore, act now and stop procrastinating. You are not too busy or too tired, you just think that you have all the time in this world “tomorrow”, but then what’s left to the “now”? And how many next time and tomorrow that have become the next now?

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With the slow economy, how can one survive without worrying about “what if?” As human being, we all need support and encouragement from friends. It is that time that it is just so nice to have someone to talk to and to know that someone special out there cares about you. It is like after a stressful day, you hope that you open the door and are greeted with a warm and loving hug from your lover. Human’s touch is a healer to one’s soul.

Just know that you are not alone if you struggle for that feeling and emotional support, and remember to show your love and caring to the one(s) that you like whether it is friendship or relationship. I learn one thing that living in fear is such a depressing way to live a life. No matter how each individual reacts to fear, no one can really imagine how painful and fearful another person is. Being alone now seems to be nothing but a thirst for tenderness and an understanding company, but we will survive.

My prayer is with you all.

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Aloha - I am back!

My Hawaii vacation was officially over yesterday. The entire trip was fun and exciting. Thanks to John that was very hospitable during my visit and stay.

Instead of telling you what I was doing there, I would just share some of my thoughts about my vacation in Hawaii. I enjoyed it very much – great weather and good food. I went to Waikiki beach, did snorkeling at Hanauma bay, hiked to Diamond Head, did Picnic next to the beach, drove along the North shore, and went to the Pearl Harbor. I think my favorite one would be the North Shore. I got a chance to see very nice beaches, and Shark’s cove that there was one sea turtle laid on the beach and a few others float on the sea. My favorite beach would be Kailua beach – the water is very green and very relaxing place. Meanwhile, the Pearl Harbor is free both parking and the park admission.

There are a lot of things to do in Oahu compared to Maui. But the Luau in Maui was fun. Hawaiian food buffet and the performance were great. The music along with the wind breeze sort of made me sleepy though, haha… but it was still entertaining and of course the drinks were good too. The next morning after we checked out the resort, we drove to the Haleakala National Park. On the summit though it was so cold and I only wore sleeveless t-shirt and a board short. Mr. Hawaiian John did not warn me anything, but go figured, he only wore a t-shirt and a short as well, haha….. We also drove along the way to Hana town where we got to see a peacock and beautiful sceneries.

The overall trip was fun and I highly recommend everyone go there. Pictures talk clearer than words. I have finished uploading my photos to my travel’s website. Check them out at


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Hawaii Vacation

Hello everyone, 

Just want to let you all know that I will be gone starting Feb. 10th to Feb. 16th for Hawaii vacation. I have been looking forward to this. So I might not be able to blog much since I am not planning on taking my laptop with me, but I will try if I can, now that I have a new cell phone Samsung Instinct :) 

Before I go to bed tonight, I hope everyone having great days while I am gone and remember, do something good for yourself no matter how small or big it is. Give yourself a break and go on a vacation like I usually do. 

Hawaii .......... I am coming )))))))))))))) I will post my vacation experiences and some photos when I get back. 

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Lately, I know that I am having a bad spending habit. I did not really realize that until I am trying to sign a new contract with Sprint and upgrade my plan to a new plan that costs double than what I am having now. But the more I spend, the more I am thankful for my abilities to work and ultimately – my job.

I am a type of guy that does NOT do his finance, except for tax return of course. I have not looked at my spending report or created any sorts of saving plans for years. Today, I just came to a realization to see how much exactly I have been spending. To my surprise, I have been spending more than I should have. But what is done is done. I let it go and I am still thankful for being able to afford those things and still live comfortably.

However, it is something that I should start paying attention to now. I don’t like money, in fact, I hate it. But the society does not allow me to hate it and not care about it. I am 23 now, but I need to figure out somehow to be able to save up when I am getting older. As I previously blogged, living a life to the fullest is not just enjoying in the moment, but also having goals – something to look forward to. Therefore, I just created myself a financial goal, which makes me very excited about it because it is a goal that I have not had before, and I am very curious to see what the result will be. More importantly, it will be a challenge to see how dedicated I am towards cutting down expenses. It sounds hard due to the habit, but it is so much fun to see when my persistence guides me to see my goal. Wish me luck ;-) 

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You know being dedicated to do something is not an easy task. It involves a lot of self-motivating actions and more importantly, determinations. There are plenty of things that we do in life, but turns out we select a few to be our hobbies or at least we enjoy doing some but not all. To be dedicated to do something, you have to like doing it too. Without enjoyment, you will get bored quickly.

I don’t consider myself a very dedicated person to do something, but when I put my mind into doing something, I have to motivate myself a lot. What keeps me survived from my dedication is my passion, my enthusiasm in doing it, and especially my goals. I like people who are goal oriented mind because I am a strong believer that having goals in life is what motivates us to live in a beautiful dream that will eventually become true.

So instead of asking why you are not so dedicated, why don’t you ask yourself, am I self-motivated enough? Am I happy doing thing(s)? And last but not least, do I have goal(s)? 

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Before I go to bed tonight, I just want to let you guys know that sometimes in life, there are dillema that we cannot decide. There are risks that we are afraid to take because we are not sure about the future. There's no guarantee that whichever way we choose to go would meet our expectations. However, it's life. 

Sometimes, a man's gotta do what he's gotta do. That includes women too :-)

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Lost in thoughts

Have you ever sat down at your own place and nothing else besides music was playing, and you started to think? Then you realized that you have been gone from reality and lost in thoughts? No matter those thoughts are good or bad, we have to learn how to embrace them. It’s a time that we reach out to our inner self and get in touch with our own feelings. Sometimes it is our imaginations, and sometimes it could be our self-reflections.

We all have our moments. Don’t deny your thoughts. My music has taken me thousand miles from reality. I have traversed in time and space, simply lost in thoughts, and I like it. My thoughts told me not to give up, and that is the end. 

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