Missing out

When I was between 19 and 21, I thought that I knew a lot and was mature by then. But looking back at it now, I feel that I was just a simple young dude that was in the process of growing to become someone. Life has too much too learn, and maturity is not just something that you think you are then you are. It comes with age although I do see some young guys act more mature than some older guys.

The point of this entry is that when I was around those ages, I was confused about who I was. I often time wanted to fit in according to the standards that the society set. When I studied too hard, I felt that I was missing out on a lot of fun. When I stayed in this country too long, I felt that I have been numb from missing my family. When I asked people about their weekends and they told me that they went to the club, I felt that I should have had fun too while I was 21. When a few party pooper friends said to me that Pheng, you always stayed in the library and computer lab, I felt embarrassed and became speechless as if I should have gone out with them and partied. When I turned down a temptation, I felt that I was missing out on an experience. All in all, I was afraid of the fact that I was not living my life as a young adult’s life that was supposed to have fun.

It is true that while studying, you can enjoy the fun times as well. My problem is that it is who I am and my own nature to be someone that is thoughtful and cautious. Well, it is not really my problem, but it’s more like that is JUST ME. Looking at the fear that I used to have for missing out the fun out there regardless of my social or sex life, I feel that it was totally my choice, and it has defined who I am now. I am thankful that I would never sit down and wish that time could go back and I could do something different. To me now, life is all about living it to the fullest without regrets and feeling good about myself. I am 23 now, but I still feel that I have not grown mature enough yet to understand everything. People change in time and so do their beliefs and thoughts. I can’t guarantee what I will become, but one thing I know for sure is that I gotta look forward to what I will be and how I am going to shape the present me to prepare for the future me.

If you think that missing out on the fun that you are not interested in and just want to do it to fit in the norms, don’t do it. Peer pressures or whatsoever, don’t buy it. You can do better than that, and that is - be who you truly are.

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You ever paid attention when you try to say the word “SMILE?” Notice your mouth and lip as they are trying to pronounce it in a way that makes you want to smile. Usually, when I am not in a great mood, I simply say the word “smile” quietly. Then I start to smile and a smile means a lot to a soul. 

A smile makes strangers believe that you are friendly and approachable. A smile can clean the bitterness, upset, and sadness in a glimpse. Who cares if you have a good smile or not. Do it for yourself, for the sake of your own soul. Don’t be shy to smile, or say the word out because it will make you want to smile. It will make you feel better! 

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Do you have a goal in life? Are you a planner? Where do you want to go two or three months from now, or even in the future? This might seem to go against living a life in the moment, but in fact, it is an “opposite” element that makes living in the moment more enticing.

Someone used to say to me that “It’s good to have something to look forward to.” Now, I have become a strong believer of that sentence. As much as I try to enjoy living in the moment, I also enjoy looking forward to what will bring me in the future, or where will I go to for a vacation, or where will I end up at, or who I am going to meet. I feel that it is this “looking forward to” that brings the hope to the present - something that is definitely a turn on, mystery, and adventure.

Therefore, living in the moment does NOT specifically mean that you don’t care about your future anymore, or you have nothing to look forward to but simply live and live in the moment. So do you have something to look forward to in your life? If not, you better create one. It’s a fun way to live a life, I promise!

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Everyone .........

Everyone is so individual that you should NOT compare yourself to. Everyone has their unique way of doing things. Everyone’s preference is different, and even everyone’s luck is different. There are always stories behind everyone. You should not allow the illusional thoughts of envy to impact on your self-consciousness negatively, especially what you are worth for as an individual in life. By comparing yourself to those individuals, it does not get you anywhere but self-destruction. The critic devil that has been sleeping inside of you will be awaken and finally criticize you until you lose confidence in believing yourself anymore.

Life is unfair I know, but the way everyone was created is not the same. Everyone is trying their best, and so are you. So embrace the worst part of you and celebrate the best part of you. Thought is just a temporary state, it eventually will fade away along with time. 

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Awhile ago, I posted an entry about Are you a quitter or a pursuer? As the days go by, the gym seems to have lesser people compared to the beginning of the year. I myself struggle a few times about going to the gym (cold weather reason usually) and how long I want to stay there. But here are my top 5 tips to make you think and if you agree, you can implement them for your self-motivation about working out.
  1. As the French goes "Petit a petit." Translated in English - gradually. Literally, it means small by small. Working out is supposed to be fun if you look at it as something that you do at your own comfort and pace. It's even alright if you sometimes just work out for 15-30 minutes (something better than nothing), and sometimes you want to take a break say a day or two. That way your muscles can relax, and you won't get too bored out of going to work out every day.
  2. Using the same workout machines, or work on the same muscles whenever you are at the gym can be quite boring, and that can make parts of your body unproportionate. To avoid getting bored out of doing the same routine, try to work with new equipments - one day you work on this, another day you work on that. This can be quite entertaining.
  3. Do you have a goal? Why do you go to the gym? Or should I say why do you want to go to the gym in the first place? By thinking about that goal, it will provide you with a purpose, and just imagine how happy you will be when you attain that goal.
  4. This often works for me. Look at yourself in the mirror, or even take a picture of your self to see the progression of the gym's result. I promise you that after a month hitting the gym, you will at least see the difference of your body. It is something that makes you look forward to. You believe what you see, don't you? hehe...
  5. Last but not least, If a personal trainer or a workout buddy can motivate you, then find one. Personally, I don't like it because working out to me is like something that I just do. I don't like other people tell me what to do, or feel pressure. I want to do as many reps as I want to, hehe... but again, if working out with other people can help you, then please do that. 
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I have not seen them for five years..... They belong to my three sisters. My first sister has one boy and one girl, my second sister also has one boy and one girl, and my third sister has one boy that is still a baby. Aren't they as cute as their uncle, haha... 

FYI - you can click on the pictures to make them bigger. 

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Loving Myself

Yesterday I was talking about being thankful for being me. One of the items that I listed was about “I love myself.” I want to write about it today.

I would never think that I would say that to myself, or even proclaim to the world (people that come across to this blog). To me, loving oneself can be two things: arrogant (ego) or just feeling good about oneself. For me, I am totally feeling good about myself.

There are a few things that I realize that have changed in my life, especially the way I see things, people, and particularly myself.

I am less concerned about what other people think about me.

I am not too worried but more proactive looking for solutions and options to the problems.

I tend to buy more clothes because I look darn good in them, haha……

I look at myself in the mirror and smile at myself.

I simply feel hopeful.

I strive to look for more positivity than negativity.

I am thankful for things that I own, people that surround me, and less taking things and people for granted.

I feel the wisdom within me that allows me to live a life that I want it to be.

I take any open opportunities and learn from my mistakes.

I let go the past.

I feel more confident about myself.

I feel more comfortable about being myself.

I have grown ………

More importantly, when I start to love myself days by days, I realize that I want to share my life with others. I want to share good news and life perspectives with others - my blog.

Oscar Wilde’s quote has proven this clearly – To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance. When you love yourself, then you realize that it’s time to love and beloved.

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You ever felt like thankful for being you? Here are what I am thankful for being me:

  1. I am healthy although just recover from cold, hehe... still.. I am healthy.
  2. Sometimes being sensitive drives me crazy, but without it, I would be more inconsiderate and heartless towards people, things, and situations.
  3. My expression tells a lot about how I am feeling. I don't hide. I value the honesty to myself and others.
  4. I love it when I smile - so sweet, hehe...
  5. I just love myself now although there were times that people drag me down, but it would be just temporary because I am strong inside beyond what others think I am based on the outside. 

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You know it is January, 2009. Now that my body is in a recovery process J I have started hitting the gym again. Lately, I notice that it is so darn hard to find a good parking spot at the gym, and there are definitely more people at the gym than before. A few are familiar faces, but more unfamiliar faces. It got me to think that it could be that those people made their New Year’s resolution to stay healthy, or in shape, or whatsoever.

It will be interesting to see how much crowded can this continues at the gym. That’s being said, whether or not some of those people will stick to their resolution - goal so to speak for this year 2009, or give up again and start over again in year 2010.

My question to you to think about is that, are you a quitter or a pursuer? I wish you the best with whatever your resolutions are for this year 2009. 

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Positive Attitude

So I am back to work today. My coughing tends to get worse at night causing me not able to sleep very well. Last night I could not go to bed until 2:30 a.m and had to get up around 8 o’clock in the morning. My whole week was spent on being sick at home. But to remain positive attitude, there are actually a few things to be thankful for.

  1. Thanks to all people that have shown their caring towards me - both in person and online, or even through emails. You guys rock when I feel like I can use some encouragements.
  2. Good thing I didn't plan on traveling that week; otherwise, being sick on the trip ain't no good.
  3. I got to save some gas and shopping money ;)
  4. It made me more cautious in the future to prevent getting sick again in terms of health, food, etc. 

Overall, I am still not feeling "completely" recovered. But in life, when we look at negative outcomes as opportunites for us to grow, it's a great outlook to live a life to the fullest. 

Happy Monday ~

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The other day, I ran into coughing so bad that I finally lost my voice. It was not completely lost but I had a very hard time to speak because the harder I tried, the more I coughed. I went to the Albertsons to get some bean sprouts so that I could boil them and drank them. I know it’s odd but I would give anything a try just to get my healthy me back for next week’s work. Anyway, when I was about to leave the store, I was thinking about how was I going to respond to the cashier when he/she asked me something. Then one thing came to my mind was the “self checkout” machines that Albertsons has.

Some people might like technology, and some just don’t. Some still live in a world that they do not want to be ready for this innovative 21st century. But really what you get to lose? Learning new things is always a great way to live a life to the fullest. It could be very frustrating the first time, but the more you do the better you become. I, myself came from a not very sophisticated country. My first time in the US was very challenging because I did not only have to adjust myself to the culture here, but also had to learn how to use all those cool technological things that my country does not have.

It’s perfectly fine if you cannot keep up with the new technology and prefer the old ways of doing things. I work in the computer industry, yet I am not aware of many new technologies out there. But I never cease to try out whatever those smart and creative people have to offer to this era that I am living in when the opportunities are presented. I was so thankful for them, especially to that self checkout machine at Albertsons so that I could avoid the “real live” person’s conversation when I did not want to.

P.S: Bean sprouts did not get rid of my coughing but did sooth my throat. My mom used to do that and somehow I believe there was one time it really helped that I could speak again after drinking it. Oh well! Nothing to lose when trying new things for future references ;) I am also getting better, but I am hoping to find out more tomorrow. Hopefully, I can still go in to work on Monday. 

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Lately, I am so lazy to hit the gym. Just kidding. I am sick at home. First was fatigue, then running nose, then headache, then sore throat, and now coughing. *Sigh* 

When it is five or six o’clock in the morning, I woke up due to my sore throat. I then realized how good it is to not sick. I never knew that simply breathing or swallowing your own saliva is such a pain thing to do. I tried almost everything to get this better, but the problem seems to be intermittent.

This week is supposed to be my vacation from work, but I am not complaining for the fact that I am just home sick. It makes me believe more and more that things do happen for any reasons beyond our measures. See if I have booked a ticket to go travel for my this week’s time off, it would be a bad thing because I would not be able to enjoy the fun. Therefore, I’d rather stay home and take good care of myself and go somewhere when I recover.

So be happy if you are not sick. Breathing air and swallowing food are simple and easy things to do when you are healthy. Be thankful for that. 

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Before & After

Before - 2006

After - 2009

It's been two years since I have been working out. The process has been on and off, until last year I become more determined about hitting the gym and getting the body and health that I always wanted to. I think for the most part because I graduated and no need to worry anymore about homework, exams, etc. so that allocating my time to go to gym became easier. 

This determination has proven me that if you put your heart into doing something, thing will change. No matter how much effort you put into it, you have started and you are making progress. It's always better than nothing or simply just giving up. Trust me, I have not been working out as hard as other people have, otherwise for this amount of time I would be more muscular than this, haha... but I do it as the days go, and hoping for the change in the result - little by little. 

P.S: This is not a fat loss commercial, haha..... Happy New Year in the meantime. 

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