The Heart

Last night, I learned a good phrase from a movie. I am going to paraphrase it – It takes 20% of your talent and 80% of your heart to be a boxer.

It is so true that when we put our heart into doing something, it is the most effective motivation. You sure can have the talent for something, but if you don’t like doing it, it is not going to go anywhere further. For instance, you have a talent of learning and playing piano, but if you don’t like playing piano, you are not going to become a talented pianist. That’s being said, having the talent is a great thing, but without your heart, it doesn’t fulfill the dream.

Your heart is the place that lets you and everyone know when it does speak up. I call it a central of passions. Your interests, dreams, ambitions, hobbies, favorites, and love, etc. are stored in that location. Therefore, follow what your heart wants and not what your head wants. You could be born with talents, but in order to implement them, you need a passion at heart. 

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